Kato Gouves

Kato Gouves (or simply known as Gouves) is a popular holiday resort located 18km east of Heraklion, in the foothills of mount Ederi. In the past, the valley of Kato Gouves was cultivated by the residents of the village Ano Gouves with vegetables, olives and cereals; today harvests have given their place to hotels and tourism. In contrary to the neighboring crowded resorts Malia and Hersonissos, Gouves offers peaceful holidays, ideal for families with children and elderly people. Here you will find mostly families that enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, close to all necessary facilities.
The beach of Gouves is very well organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, lifeguard, diving centers, water sports, showers, changing rooms, etc. The sea has fine sand and shallow water, but is open to the frequent north winds. Therefore, there are several small piers and small marinas nearby, where you can swim, protected by the waves. The coastal road of Gouves runs along the coast, making the detection of your favorite beach very easy! In the evening you can walk along this road and enjoy the sunset. There are also many cafes and restaurant on the road with spectacular sea view. Apart from these, on the main road of Gouves, you will find several super markets, shops, pharmacy, practice and ATMs.

Aposelemis River & Beach

Aposelemis River is one of the longest rivers in Crete, which receives the groundwater of the plateau of Lassithi from the springs of Fleges, near Kastamonitsa village. It passes through the gorge of Aposelemis and heads towards the northern shores of Heraklion, where it exits into a small wetland near Gouves. Especially the canyon area (4km long) is of particular naturalistic interest and is worth trekking in there. The gorge is full of plane and walnut trees, and other large trees, which combine perfectly with the gardens and the olive groves. Moreover, the gorge is a refuge for many species of animals and birds. Near Agrianá the gorge turns to flat valley with olive groves and ends at the mouth of Aposelemis, on a beautiful sandy beach (in front of Villa Thallos). The mouth of the river constitutes a very important habitat in which many migratory birds sheltet, all over the year.

Ano Gouves & St. Constantine

A place worth visiting is the church of St. Constantine, which is built within a small pine forest, just next to the sea. It is situated in a very scenic seascape and this is why hundreds of couples from Heraklion choose to get married here. If it's Saturday, it is almost certain that you will come across a Greek wedding or baptism.
Moreover, 2km north of the shore there is the village of Ano Gouves with its traditional narrow streets, churches and coffee shops.
St. Constantine
Skotino Cave

Skotino Village & Skotino Cave

Several kilometers further up from Αno Gouves, is the quaint village of Skotino, and its nearby Skotino cave, which is among the largest in Crete. It has a depth of 160 meters, and it is on four levels. Like many other caves, it appears to have had some religious importance, and some people even believe this was the labyrinth of the legendary Minotaur, which is doubtful. Minotaur or not, this site should not be missed.


CretΑquarium is an expert in presenting species and ecosystems of the Mediterranean, a sea of unique biodiversity that gave birth to ancient civilizations and welcomes millions of visitors every year from all over the world. Offering 60 tanks of different sizes, containing a total amount of 1,700,000 litres of sea water, it is home to 2000 sea animals, 200 different species found in the Mediterranean basin, and together with the appropriate scenery, it successfully represents the Cretan and Mediterranean sea beds. Additionally CretAquarium designs and implements educational programmes and other innovative services, treats injured animals and is constantly enriched with new marine species.

Water Parks

WaterCity is Crete’s largest water park, located in Anopolis (10’ driving distance) and featuring hydro tubes, waterslides, crazy and lazy rivers, aqua slalom, toboggans, children’s pool, water polo, water and grass volleyball, mini grass soccer, table tennis, giant chess, interactive playgrounds, inflatable castle playground, pool restaurants, river bar, playground café and shopping. Just 10 min from Villa Thallos, Aqua Plus is children’s paradise and features lots of pools, slides and rides in a hillside garden setting.

Dinosauria Park

The Dinosauria Park started as an idea in 2013. There were hosted 30 different dinosaur species from all periods of the Mesozoic era and other prehistoric animals. In 2014 in the large family of dinosaurs new species were added and new sections, such as dinosaurs General Hospital, where young and old fans of dinosaurs can see a dinosaur hatches and begins his life in the park. In the space for creative activities, all become children again, trying to find as many dinosaurs may in tidal area, and playing various "dinosaur games" made in space.For the visitors there is the opportunity to watch themed films released in 5D and 7D Cinema.


  • Airport 17km
  • Port 20km
  • Hospital 27Km
  • Bus Stop 1km